Start your own gelateria!

Are you extremely passionate about gelato and do you want to join the industry?

Gelato is one of  Italy’s largest exports and strongest food traditions. We, Icezeit, specialize in traditional Italian gelato. Thus we are, with our extensive experience, providing you with the know how on how to start your own gelateria. Not only do we provide you with this know how, but we provide you with the large range of over 150 plus flavors of gelato for your store. We’ll produce the gelato for you and you manage and create your own successful independent brand. 

Below are some fundamental steps to this process: (for further knowledge and to begin your gelato career with Icezeit, contact, 021 421 8991 or email

Step 1: Learn how to serve our supplied world class Italian gelato with skill and style.

Step 2: Gain the understanding of the required equipment and then plan to acquire that equipment.

Step 3: Decide on a flavour set based on your competition and target market in the area.

Step 4: Discuss pricing with Icezeit and set your own prices based on market analysis.

Step 5: Set up a management team and staff schedule, make sure all are trained with the skill and style to serve gelato (we assume you have your location in mind with enough foot traffic before beginning this process).

Step 6: Develop a business plan and a brand identity.

Step 7: Build an online marketing strategy.

Step 8: The grand opening, organize a big event with great special prices driving excitement and hype about your new gelateria, make sure all locals in the area know about it, through online and physical marketing.

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