Your favorite gelato flavor and your personality

When it comes to flavor selection, one might be choosing their favorite flavor simply because it tastes the best. What would you say, if we tell you it goes further than that! And that your personality has a part to play.

Some research shows your favorite flavor may actually show your true colors. This makes it easier to answer that famous question gelato lovers are always asking each other,’ if you were an ice-cream what flavor would you be’.

Check out some of our gelato flavour and personality pairings.

Vanilla: This is a traditional and dependable person. They do not see the need of putting on a show. Vanilla lovers usually have high ideals and goals which explains their dramatic risk taking as they are quite impulsive.

Chocolate:  Very charming and is quite flirtatious. Chocolate lovers are go getters, they know what they want and will do anything to get it. They seem to be also very lively and get bored by doing the same old thing over and over again. At a Gelateria, these don’t spend time choosing a flavor unlike their counterpart strawberry lovers who like sampling flavors when making choose……… No offense to the strawberry lovers lols

Strawberry:  Strawberry lovers are usually very tolerant. This make very good friends as they are also very loyal. They are very considerate even when it comes to making decisions. Usually their introverts.

Strawberry Cheesecake: These are not afraid to try out something new. Strawberry cheesecake lovers are innovators. They are focused and always try to improve life better and improve things and find solutions. Some prefer going for the tried, tested and true but they prefer being different and go for the uncharted waters. 

Rum and Raisins: Rum and raisins lover are outspoken and have wild traits. They are very assertive and like having fun. They are very caring, and consideration however can be aggressive and clash with you if things don’t go as planned. They are sweethearts deep down. The rum and raisin lover are the perfect match for the chocolate lover as they like to keep things interesting. 

Choc Chip Mint; Very ambitious and confident. These ones are planners and cautious in everything they do. They are visionaries and can be quite argumentative. Choc chip mint lovers are great lovers and can be quite romantic and love the rush, though at the same time because their planners, if they don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel, they turn the other way. 

Now you know where to go for your first date so you can try and map out your date mate lols……

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