The Good and the bad

Gelato is such a delicious, indulgent that we’ve all learnt to enjoy. As we now know that it is quite different from Ice cream and more premium. Unfortunately, there are no regulations on gelato, which means it’s easy to mistake low-quality or fake gelato for the real deal.

High quality natural ingredients tend to have natural colors. The colors closely resemble the natural ingredient. Unnaturally bright colors are an indicator of artificial coloring which are added.   This is of course with the exception of Sorbets as they are made with fruit and water. Fruits tend to have vibrant colored and sorbets usually take on these natural bright colors except for a few like lemon sorbet. Lemon siciliano is white, not yellow.

Another point would be gelato usually has a matte appearance in color instead of shining. If the gelato is shining it means its melting or it has melted and refreeze many times and getting old. It also might mean there was too many sugars used. 

Decoration is good but if you spot the gelato is displayed as high rise mountains stacked into piles, this is an indicator of not so good quality gelato believe it or not. Because gelato oxidizes, having all that surface area exposed to air is undesirable. Remember gelato has less air is a denser texture compared to ice cream, so if it piled up in too high heaps and exposed and it doesn’t melt, it means it is loaded with too many vegetable fats and emulsifiers to hold it up. Usually they will lack in flavor because of this. Flat tins are always the way to go here as not a lot of gelato is exposed and help preserve the temperature, especially when closed off. Gelato should never have visible ice crystals or palpable.  If you see this or taste this, this is an indicator that of poor quality or old gelato. 

Consistency is key when it comes to gelato making. The flavors should be pure and clean resembling the natural ingredients used by the gelato artist. It gets stronger as you eat, and a pleasant aftertaste always lingers around.  

Gelato is quite a pleasure to indulge it, if you get the best quality out there.

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