Gelato and Sorbet, what’s the difference

In our last blog, we found out the difference between Ice Cream and gelato. Though gelato is the Italian word for the word ice cream, there is quite a huge difference with the way it’s made the Italian way. Today we want to take a quick look at Sorbet compared to Gelato. 

Both theses desserts are spectacular and extremely delicious and there is also a difference between the two. 

Sorbet is a delicious dessert that contains fruit, water and sugar. Though it looks very similar to gelato, this dessert contains no dairy. Yes !!! contains no dairy!! Something for our vegan and lactose intolerant dessert lovers out there. Because Sorbets are so intense in fruit flavour and are very refreshing, some chefs tend to serve some sorbet right before dessert. This is because they work as great palate cleanser with their acidic delicious sweetness. Sorbets are easy to make at home. Stay tuned for a couple of sorbet recipes which we will post a couple of weeks to come. 

As you probably have figured it out by now, gelato is completely different make up and ingredients as it requires milk and many other products. Gelato prefers being served at a warmer temperature, and has a texture that is denser

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